Colonel RICKETtS Hard cider


Green Acres Barn

May 6th until Oct. 30th we will be selling and tasting at our Green Acres Barn location, 4360 Red Rock Rd, Benton, PA  17814.  At Green Acres Barn enjoy a free tasting of our hard cider inside the historic barn filled with Benton history, antiques and local products.  From November 3rd until April 30th we sell and taste at 126 S. 3rd St., Benton in the Cider Shack.  This is right next door to where we press the apples, make the hard cider and store the barrels.   So have a free tasting then checkout where the magic happens.  Please check our hours of operation, they vary seasonally.  If you can't make it during those hours, please give Bob a call at 570-854-1948....he's very accommodating.  We look forward to meeting you and sharing our Hard Cider.

​​Made in the mountains of penn

Cider Shack & Barrel Room

Colonel Ricketts Hard Cider

126 3rd St (office)