Led By Nature


Our story began in our own basement just 40 years ago. After Bob and Deb got married, Deb’s father introduced him to hard cider, and he was hooked! He started crafting his first barrel that year, purchasing cider juice from a local cider mill.

We bought our own cider press in 2006 and started making our own cider juice. The press gave us complete control in the cider making process, from selecting the apples to pressing and bottling. Growing the apples is the only thing we don’t do!

We purchase our apples locally from orchards in Columbia and neighboring counties. Sugar, yeast, and salicylic acid are the only ingredients added to make our pure, smooth hard ciders. We do not add r
aisins, fruit concentrates, sulfite compounds, or other preservatives.  As of 2020 Kim is adding fresh fruit to produce unique ciders to tickle your palate.

Each year we are able to boast bold, new flavors based upon the types of apples available and the growing conditions. Although we usually mix varieties, we also produce distinctive single-apple ciders, most notably our Delicious Red and Fuji Fanatic.