Colonel RICKETtS Hard cider


Price Range

$11.00 to $17.00

Case Discount


Our ciders are fermented and aged in once used oak whiskey barrels.  Apple varieties and barrel aging create unique flavors ranging from Dry and Tart to a Semi Sweet.  We invite you to visit and sample our uniquely delicious product.




Semi-dry, strong barrel finish

Original 3yr

Super smooth, aged 3yrs in barrel

Empire Estate

Green MacIntosh (Macs) and Empire apples

Satin Gold

Light and crisp, Granny-Smith finish

Apple Sip

Smooth, medium-strong barrel finish

Delicious Red

Smooth-medium barrel finish, made from all red delicious apples

Fuji Fanatic

Semi-sweet on tongue, tart finish at back of throat

Beautiful Blend

Semi-sweet/semi-dry mix, very smooth


Colonel Ricketts Hard Cider

​​Made in the mountains of penn