Colonel Ricketts Hard Cider

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$11.00 to $17.00

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Colonel RICKETtS Hard cider



​​Made in the mountains of penn

Our ciders are fermented and aged in once used oak whiskey barrels.  Apple varieties and barrel aging create unique flavors ranging from Dry and Tart to a Semi Sweet.  We invite you to visit and sample our uniquely delicious product.


Semi-dry, strong barrel finish

Original 3yr

Super smooth, aged 3yrs in barrel

Empire Estate

Green MacIntosh (Macs) and Empire apples

Satin Gold

Light and crisp, Granny-Smith finish

Apple Sip

Smooth, medium-strong barrel finish

Delicious Red

Smooth-medium barrel finish, made from all red delicious apples

Fuji Fanatic

Semi-sweet on tongue, tart finish at back of throat

Beautiful Blend

Semi-sweet/semi-dry mix, very smooth